The Mama

Hello there!! Welcome to my Journey of Momhood!

21105524_485618778459631_7734881304893106906_nI’m Megan- the voice and Mama behind the words.

I am a stay at home mom, self-love warrior, military wife, and motivator for everyone to focus on their health and fitness. I am a lover of coffee (& coffee cups), workout clothes, make-up, and adventure!

Here is me in a nutshell-

I am married to my high school sweet heart (together for almost 12 years and married 547331_10151595279394254_825374996_nfor 5). We have 3 beautifully perfect kids- a 3 year old little girl (Kinley), a 2 year old little boy (Keegan), and a 6 week old little girl (Kennedy). Life with three, three and under, is CRAZY, beautiful, and sometimes overwhelming. We are learning to go with the flow, embrace the crazy, and live life to the fullest-!

30261635_10156230073799254_2986722907633221632_nKinley is our girly-girl! She loves everything pink, glitter, and princess (especially Elsa and Rapunzel). She’s shy but boy does she know what she wants. She is our most hard-headed and I hope she never loses her drive to get whatever her heart desires.

Keegan is our BOY! He loves cars, trucks, dinosaurs, and dirt. We’ve 29512626_10156193200949254_8046194739021637616_nhad a lot of  trials with him in terms of speech and his “adaptive skills” as therapy calls it but he slowly improves each day. He is a cuddler, lover, and sweet sweet boy.

32207647_10156309395244254_2357570298246594560_nKennedy- well she’s a baby. However, I think she knows how crazy the two older ones are because she been an amazing sleeper since day one, a calm and chill little thing most of the time and has the darkest fullest head of hair I think I have ever seen on a newborn!

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